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While many questions remain regarding the function(s) of the inferior olive, selective destruction of this nuclear complex in experimental animals has acute effects similar to those following destruction of the entire one-half of the CONTRALATERAL cerebellum. Since the inferior olive sends information to the contralateral cerebellum, and the cerebellum influences the SAME side of the body, then the loss of the LEFT olive will mean that the RIGHT half of the cerebellum is no longer receiving input from the inferior olive. This will result in incoordination of the RIGHT side of the body. Since we will cover cerebellum later in this course, don't worry too much about it right now. We have already discussed that cerebellar deficits involve incoordination and are IPSILATERAL to the side of the lesion. A lesion of the inferior olive will result in incoordination of the CONTRALATERAL ARM AND LEG (contrast this with a lesion of ACC. CUNEATE NUC. = incoordination of IPSI ARM).