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About the Project

The Global Spinal Cord is the Web edition of the neuroanatomy coursebook used by first-year medical students at the University of Wisconsin Medical School (UWMS). The text was authored by John K. Haring, Ph.D., Chair of Anatomy and Chair of the first-year Neurosciences course at the UWMS.

This module was converted to Web format by Kevin Helmrick, a fourth-year medical student at the UWMS. Mr. Helmrick created the Global Anatomy website during a one-year Informatics Fellowship at the University of Wisconsin.

The Global Cerebellum includes the following features:

  • full-text of neuroanatomy coursebook
  • all associated diagrams
  • audio learning files for many diagrams
  • full color images of the cerebellum
  • interactive problem solving exercises
  • companion Global Brainstem and Global Cerebellum text


Send email to the creators of The Global Spinal Cord at the following addresses:

John Harting, Ph.D.

Author of The Spinal Cord.

Dave Van Lieshout

Creator of illustrations in The Spinal Cord.

Kevin Helmrick

Web implementation.

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